Buzzinga Facts About Exercise

Always focusing on exercises and still not enjoying it. Well here are a few fun facts that will straight away wake you up from your slumber and push you on to the field. All of these are well known but I'm sure you must have not witnessed this version. Enough words, time for some motivators but with a quirky twist.

1. Music and workout performance

Believe it or not, listening to music while working out increases your performance by 15%. This is tried and tested, but don't go all out like this. A word of advice, refrain!


2. Improves your brain performance

It is said that exercising regularly helps create new brain cells, which in turn improves brain activity and improves brain power. At least you will be able to understand sarcasm a lot quiker. See for yourself.


3. Sharpens your memory

Production of cell responsible for learning and memory are greatly increased once you exercise, so take my advice and start running. For starters you will be more focused.


4. Benefits of running

If you run at about 10 minutes per mile, you burn upto 100 calories per mile. (Truly effective). It's good for your heart too, gets the blood flowing and directly impacts your mind. I know you know this, but it's my job to remind you.


5. Muscle to fat - I

Experts will also corroborate to this that more the muscle mass you have, more fat will your body burn while resting. Now now, don't go all happy about this one.


6. Prevents aging

No more of the BS about age, stop the wheel right here, right now. If you exercise three times a week (not day) for 30 minutes, you prevent signs of aging. No wonder so many athletes, models look ever young.


7. Muscle to fat - II

As stated above how muscle burns more calories also a pound of muscle burns more calories as compared to a pound of fat, hence the more your muscles burn, the more you can eat. Don't get confused, read it again. It really works. Yeah, I know you like to hear that. Self five, anyone!!


8. No more flu time

Well exercise regularly to achieve this state of physical goodness, study also indicates that those who exercise on a regular basis fall ill less. Also it helps boost your immunity.


9. Impact on productivity

Ever heard about endorphins, well exercising increases the amount of endorphins released and directly impacts your thinking ability. Thus increasing your productivity. Well hello Mondays!!


10. Get that glow

All the pores release the dirt in the form of sweat which reduces acne and pimples, so don't be amazed the next time somebody gives you a compliment all day long.. Psst, tell them your secret, we are in short supply of glowing people these day. Let them glow too.


11. Get that confidence

Working out will ease off that pressure from your work, daily life. It's a great source for boosting your morale and confidence. You have a calm mind and rejuvenated body.


12. You sleep better

Well all that workout does wear your body down. You definitely need to workout, flex your muscles and feel relaxed. In turn you sleep much better and have a sound and perfect sleep. Be sure to have at least 7 hours of sleep on a daily basis.


Start making these little conscious decisions and see the difference. I know you read a few new ones, but hey, they are for real! Be sure to try the GM Diet too.

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