Hacking the Famed GM Diet

While most versions of the true and original GM Diet claim so many benefits, but let me break it down for you, the first and foremost, this diet is not easy and the next claim, it won't cut 5-7 kgs in a week. This is not how this GM Diet works, but it does prove to be highly beneficial in cutting down on your eating habits and thus in turn you can calculate and form healthy eating habits once you complete this GM Diet Challenge.

Few of the advantages include -
Directly impacts your tummy line.
Improves your skin, gives a glow.
Cleanses your body and helps flush the toxins from your body.
So are you ready for it?? Trust me, this diet is tested and tried by me and it works!! This should make enough motivation for you to keep going. Hence I'm posting this and by properly following this diet, this is truly achievable. I say this again, as I myself have experienced it. You should too!!

So if you are reading this section, it already means you are willing to take the bull by the horns. Here it goes...The GM Diet, a complete 7 day plan (Total Vegeterian Diet - all fruit and vegetable diet).

Day 1 - Fruits
Now this is going to be the hardest day, being the first day of GM Diet. This day you are only going to eat fruits and nothing more than that. Avoid fruits which contain sugar, i.e. bananas, mangoes, grapes and so on. The best fruits you can eat are watermelons, lime, apples, pomegranates, oranges. Eat fruits and only fruits, by this way your body is preparing itself for the entire week. Eat as many times as you want, I ate almost 5 times on day 1.


Day 2 - Vegetables
This is entirely a veggies day. Vegetables and onlye vegetables and nothing else. Head start your day with a boiled potato to provide necessary carbs for the day. Make sure you eat just one potato and not more, now or throughout the day. A pinch of salt can provide a bit of taste. Now you should only eat boiled or raw vegetables. Eat green and leafy vegetables in the form of a salad but don't go all out for taste, remember you are on a special diet. Keep reminding yourself!
Drink plenty of water througout the course of the diet, this helps in flushing harmful toxins and purifies the body. A healthy body is a light body.


Day 3 - Fruits + Vegetables
This day makes for the combination of day 1 and day 2. Eat fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. Avoid potato as the necessary carbs will come from the fruits. Trust me, by this day I was completely feeling the pain in my muscles, as my body was not used to such a diet. But I always saw the bigger goal and never thought to give up. Thus I survived day 3. You too don't give in, just keep pushing.


Day 4 - Bananas + Milk
Fortune favors the brave. I'm talking in terms of the diet, so day 4 is all weight loss day. And for this purpose, bananas will serve the purpose. Gosh, I love minions!! Wish they were reading this. Coming back to the GM diet, you can eat between 5-6 banans for the entire day, and drink upto 4 glasses. Here bananas aren't going to pile up the flab, they are the source of sodium and potassium. Since we are coming back to our regular meal, a light soup consisting of onions, garlic, tomatoes and capsicum is highly recommended. But only once. So eat well and remember you are moving steadily to the elusive goal. 3 more days to go. That weight is going, those excess curves are taking shape. Just keep on following this and drink lots of water.


Day 5 - High Proteins
The best thing always to do in times of crisis is, to persevere. Just like what I did for the first 4 days of the diet. Day 5 is a day of delight. Gorge on tomatoes, sprouts, cottage cheese and for a high protein diet, add soy chunks. Prepare a soup and add all the contents mentioned above. Eat upto 5-6 tomatoes on this day and drink lots of water. This helps to flush out Uric acid and all kinds of toxins from the body. You will feel the difference and feel light. Keep going and keep enjoying.


Day 6 - Vitamins
Day 6 is similar to day 5 but minus the tomatoes. Else create a soup of all the contents from day 5 and drink plenty of water. The vegetables are providing essential fibre and vitamins to your body. You must have observed the transformation yourself, you feel more calm and controlled over your diet and gain the ability to resist temptations. One more day to go!!


Day 7 - The Grand Finale
The last and the most important day of the GM Diet. That feeling of completion fills your heart with joy. Fresh fruit juice, a cup of brown rice, cooked vegetables are all allowed. Once you complete this challenge, you will realise how healthy and wonderful you feel from the inside. Give yourself a pat, this diet is super tough if you can't keep up by day 2. However if you kept on going strong, nobody can stop you from toning your body. Just remember the hard work you pulled yourself through and see the benefits. A more balanced and disciplined diet leads to a more healthy and peaceful mind and body. This diet comes with high water intake, a 30 minutes light exercise daily (no weight lifting), no tea/coffee/alcohol/sugar.


For best results, check your weight before and after the GM Diet. A lot of people complain about putting a lot of weight within a few days of the GM diet. Make sure you limit your food intake and balance your meals. Avoid over eating and pampering yourself. Don't erase all the hardwork you put through for one week and go back to your usual eating habits. Stay focused and exercise reguarly to be healthy, wealthy and wise.
I took the challenge, and I feel much lighter ever since. I'm a living proof in a way.

What do you think? Want to take this challenge, feel free to do so but be advised this diet plan should be taken under strict supervision of a medical expert. Write whats on your mind to lotusinmobi@gmail.com
Will keep you posted soon. Cheers!!
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