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The biggest worry of all times has been what we refer to as "How to Keep that tummy flat?" There may be so many alternatives but it is not required to wake up at 5 AM in the morning to run on an empty stomach, exercising 6X a week, cutting your favorite food or even taking supplements. Follow these simple and doable techniques to achieve that all flat and fat-free belly that will drive people crazy.


As promised in continuation with our previous post The Ultimate Belly Fat Killer Techniques we discussed some of the tailored set of unique Belly Fat Killer Techniques which I'm sure will give you the right set of motivation from your daily life. Now most of the techniques from the Ultimate Belly Fat Killer techniques are purely based on routine, you tweak some of your habits, tweak your lifestyle and you will get that ultimate chiselled look you always wanted. But we are still halfway through, and it surely isn't good to stop with what you started.

Everybody wants 6-pack abs, but many fail to do so. But with these tips and tricks in mind, you can surely picture yourself and have that famed ripped body that you ever desired. So lock the door, set the music and get going, we've got some work to do.
All the best! Get Ripped!

Still wondering if it's doable? Is it really possible?? Or is it another of those online deals?
'course not, it's really possible to achieve lean and mean muscle. Let me tell you this is really doable, and you don't even have to cut your meals. I have tried it myself, just like the The GM Diet , I know you guys loved it too. And guess what? It really works!

So without further delay, let's begin. Are you excited? I am too. The Ultimate Belly Fat Killer Techniques - II are for all, but please make sure you are medically fit to follow this routine.


1. Trust Natural Ways

It's a well known fact that you absolutely cannot target one set of muscles and lose fat there. In case you find a new drug in the market saying that's possible, it's usually a scam!
Losing belly fat is simple, diet and exercise. So keep it to organic and natural methods, avoid the pills and drugs. Be skeptical of new products that promise miracles. They're a waste of your time and money no matter which celebrity says it works!

2. Have a Glass of Water Before Meals

You may not agree with this but, if you are thirsty, you will probably end up eating more. So before you sit down to eat, drink a glass of cool water, wait a few minutes, then begin to eat. This is also a proven method for losing belly fat.

3. Small Meals Instead of Large Meals

Don't go with the usual three square meals a day, remember you are not the average joe anymore. You are on a fitness regime. So switch to five smaller meals: a light breakfast, a mid-morning snack, a light lunch, a mid-afternoon snack, and a balanced dinner. Frequent meals prevent hunger by keeping your blood sugar stable. Smaller meals also decrease your stomach size over time, which means you'll feel full sooner. Eat every 3 hours. This won't require a lot of sacrifice, you just need figure out a schedule for your meals. That's it, nothing more.


4. Let Your Stomach Know it's Full

After eating, your brain requires time to know that you are full. Thus your tummy requires time to know it is full. That's why it is important to eat slowly and take little breaks between your meals. Otherwise, you'll over-eat and would undo your diet plan. So eat slowly, not too slow and let your tummy tell you that it's full.
Also it is advisable to chew on sugar-free mint gum which sends your brain a signal that it's time to stop eating.


Loving the Ultimate Belly Fat Killer Techniques, read on for more fat burning tips...

5. Cardio is the Key

Weight bearing and non-weight bearing exercises are important in helping you lose belly fat, you'll also need to add cardio to your routine. Cardio or any activity that makes your heart pound or race as you build adrenaline. So 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week is what you need before your workout session.
There are many cardio exercises, but many prefer the Elliptical Trainer or the Crosstrainer for a powerful cardio session. Wear a hoodie before starting your workout. When your muscles are warm, you actually burn more calories.

6. Set Your Target

In any uphill task, it is important to set a target and keep working towards it. Make a realistic goal for killing that tummy fat and write it down. Learn it, live it & love it. This will keep you motivated in the long run and keeps you pushing when the going gets tough. Slowly and slowly, inch by inch you will move forward to that ever flat tummy you have always wanted.

7. Hit the Scales but Don't Worry Too Much

Measuring your weight loss is not the last thing while getting a flat tummy. In the process you also build lean muscle and lose stomach fat. In turn you actually gain a little weight, though losing inches. So ignore the scale or maybe you can check once a week or may be twice.


8. Knowing Your Serving Portion

Serving a bowl of cereals, but do you know if it is exactly one serving or more than one? Well many of us tend to pour double the suggested serving size! And while eating out, you will notice this serving size goes up.
So make sure you know what one serving looks like and save the rest for left-overs or may be dinner. Also eat before going out, this way you will avoid eating up junk food.

Whoooaa..!! Lot of work there in killing the belly fat. Don't combat your losses, we are just getting warmed up in the Ultimate Belly Fat Killing Techniques.

9. Start With a Good Posture

Want to feel the difference what a flat tummy can give you? Stop slouching, suck your tummy in, put your shoulder back, keep your head up, and with this good posture, you'll look and feel much fitter. In turn you will be toning your abdominal muscles and you feel easier to breathe as well.

10. Go for a Swim

Well among all the exercises, swimming is a must to lose your belly fat. The water resistance provides superb low-impact for joints and muscles, and is a fantastic cardio, too! So if you don't work out regularly, go for a swim and see how it helps your muscles and shapes your body. Swim laps or run in the water, if you can touch the bottom.


11. Seek Professional Guidance

It is important to set personal rules, but before you begin on your strict regime consult your dietitian and your personal trainer. They know even more tips and tricks and they're always willing to help! It is important that you are fit and fine before your start exerting your body. Any disorders should also be considered before starting your workout session.

12. Do Burpees and Push-Ups Every Morning

Burpees are a compound exercise that works nearly every muscle in your body. These combined with push-ups will jump-start your day, and it gets in some additional upper-body training.

13. Try the Reverse Sit-Up

One of the most trusted and proven belly killer is the Reverse Sit-up. For this -
Sit on an incline bench, lay back half-way, then bring your legs up as you come back up. This is what you call a reverse sit up, and it's a lot harder than it sounds! Add this to your work-out routine, and you'll see the difference in a few days. Your abdominal muscles will flex and you will feel this burning your belly fat.

Loving the Ultimate Belly Fat Killer Techniques, read on for more fat burning tips...

14. Your Breakfast

Skipping your breakfast can actually cause stomach fat. If you don't eat after hours of sleep, your body goes into starvation mode. his is bad news for shedding belly fat because it slows down your metabolism in an effort to save energy and burn less calories. Thus it is advisable you take a heavy breakfast and make a head start to your day. Eat cereals, oats which contain essential proteins, vitamins and minerals, and fruits such as apples, oranges.

15. Drink, Drink and Drink Plenty of Water

This tip is very vital as it is not only linked to killing body fat but also connected in running your body organs. Keeping your body hydrated is essential to lose stomach fat fast because if you are dehydrated, your liver won't function and the fat burning process won't be as effective. So drink plenty of water whenever you can, how you can. Green tea is also benefitial as it contains antioxidants which revitalize your body and mind. But remember avoid soda and other aerated drinks. Time and again I say this, because it is 80% of what comprises muscle building.


16. Resist the Shortcuts

In order to increase your metabolism and movement, resist the small shortcuts that allow you to be casual on your part. Take the long road instead.
Park the car farthest away, take the stairs, give escalators a BIG NO! Walk often, drink herbal or green tea, avoid the big bite, and have large sips of water instead. These may sound a bit harsh at first but they are the ones that will get you going and take to Promiseland. So don't worry about a little pain. There is no better sight than having that perfect lean and mean look. So go forward and avoid the diversions.

17. Maintain a Progress Chart

Getting ripped isn't easy, nor it is a one day or two day affair. It is along road filled with pain and agony till you find yourself in the sweet spot. It requires hard work, motivation and while with each step your body says No, your mind needs to provide the supplement and inspire you that you need to keep going.
Keep a food diary, joining an exercise class, take progressive pictures of yourselves to see the change., or treat yourself for small successes; are great ways to keep you on your toes. You may feel low at times, but don't worry, listen to inspiration tracks, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Track titled "Trust Yourself" and "Secret to Success", or listen to Eric Thomas. What better than making a playlist of such great and inspirational tracks for your jogging or running sessions. But never give in, don't punish yourself. Start fresh and make a mental picture of the body you want to have after your hard work.
No Pain, No Gain! That's how champions are made.


18. Don't Forget to Sunbathe

Working out in the sun is benefitial not only for the obvious reasons but make sure to protect your skin and keep it hydrated. What I mean is Vitamin D is a vital ingredient for killing the belly even under stress conditions.
Under stressfull conditions, our body secretes a hormone called Cortisol which leads to more fat. Vitamin D acts as a counterpart and fills you with more energy so you remain active and want to work out.

19. Challenge Yourself

Getting bored, workout seems mechanical and find it easier to quit? No problem, change your current routine. One of the best solutions to this problem can be changing things and getting out of your comfort zone. You don't want your body or your muscles to get complacent and you definitely don't want your mind to get bored. Alternate between different exercises, for starters say try jogging in spring, swimming in summer, biking in autumn, followed by skiing in the winter.
This keeps you in the mood as well as you are in sync with nature. You don't have to go out of your zone just manage your things to be in the zone.

So What Your Body Needs, If you can stay on track and motivated, then I guarantee there is no way of stopping you to Lose that Belly Fat quickly. Don't overburden yourself and just start implementing these tips to lose stomach fat fast one by one. Within days you will notice a visible change on your belly. So make a head start and choose any of the belly fat curbing activities you are familiar with. So what you basically need is -
1. Lean proteins, healthy carbs, and lots of fruit, vegetables, and fiber.
2. Exercise at least 5 times every week.
3. Lots of water each day.
4. Plenty of sleep, relaxation, and motivation.
5. And Trust Yourself.

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