Handy Tip for Turning off Location Tracking on Your iPhone

Nobody likes to be snooped on unnecessarily. Here's one quick tip to shut the tracker.


In the section Technology Hacks we read a few tips on iOS earlier. And adding more to it is yet another post on a very small yet important technology hack built in so deep that it tracks all your places unknowingly. Want to get rid of it? Read more - The handy Tip for Turning off Location Tracking on Your iPhone.

1. Navigate to Settings
2. Select Privacy and then Location Services
3. Scroll down and you will find System Services - select this.
4. Ahh! Now you've entered the Magic Land. You will now notice that your iPhone is so easily tracking wherever you go and in fact collating that data at it's wish. So at the bottom is Frequent Locations, tap here.
5. Now let's get to work, this section also contains a history of all the locations you have ever been to. One click and it can show this on the map too.
6. So if you just want to clear this, go ahead. Tap the Clear History button. And zap, you are done.
7. And before you go back, make sure you Turn Off or toggle Frequent Locations off.

Location Services
Frequent Location

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