Handy Tips for Creating Space on Your iPhone for iOS 9.1 Update

The iPhone is a great invention. I know you love it too. Apple's iOS 9.1 just came in a few days ago, and its pretty nice. Kinda like having a new phone. But before you make that critical update, have you considered the 1.3 GB free space required to pull this off. And if you are in the same old dilemma of "Not Enough Storage", then you are at the right position. Consider yourself saved!


As told in our earlier post The 6 Reasons You Shouldn't miss the iOS 9.1 Update we read how good this update is. And now the next thought arises, to know what to keep and what not to. Amid all the things that our worldly communicator holds, there are a lot of things like text, photos, songs, videos etc. So if you are at the peek of your capacity, follow these simple tips and make way to some room for more data.

1. Who's eating my pizza??

Before we shoot we must know where to point..
Using the iPhone, go to Settings>>General>>Usage to see how many apps occupy how much space. We really don't want to delete the photos and music files.

While on a Mac or PC, connect your iPhone and open iTunes to click on the phone icon to see the data usage for your phone. While the significant part will be Apps, Music, TV, Photos and others. "Others" shows settings, calendars, browser settings, caches, mails etc.


If the Others section eats a large chunk from the storage, then Houston we have a problem! There could be some corrupted data. In case after deleting a few apps, the "Others" still takes more space, then maybe its time to restore your iPhone. For this, connect your iPhone to your computer, and in the Summary section under the phone icon, click on Restore iPhone. This returns the iPhone back to factory settings. And voila.

As a note, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes and have backed up the device, and have synced content with your computer.

2. Deleting the unwanted

This can really become a pain in the neck if you ask me, it's like deciding who gets to live or die. And believe me, I don't want to be the executioner. But as Commander Spock says,
"the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of a few!"

So if we all need that iOS update 9.1, we need more space gentleman. Let us begin.

Delete Photos - go to Camera Roll while on PC and on a Mac, open Image Capture. Select photos to delete or select multiple images and free some space. Or, since you don't want to delete them, try the Google Photos app which will compress, back up and store unlimited high-quality photos and videos for free, so you can delete them from your Camera Roll.

Delete Text messages, Call history, Voice mail, Safari browser cache, Safari browsing history, Books, Movies, Videos.


Turn off Notifications, Delete and reinstall email account to get rid of attachments cache, or all the unused apps (shortcut tip - long press any app icon on the homescreen and tap the "x" button on the top left of the icon).

For Music and Videos I have an alternative, try migrating to online streaming apps, YouTube now offers offline feature where you can save videos to your device. Many such music apps offer offline mode too.

3. Some other Solutions

There are many creative ways, per se, syncing the playlist in place of the entire music library, or deleting your podcasts, TV shows or movies once you've finished watching them. In a phone where memory is limited, the only logical option remains is to "Reduce".

Try these life saver tips and don't forget to backup your iPhone before getting onboard the iOS 9.1. You don't want to miss the taco emoji. Hurry and don't waste much time, rush to your nearest wifi locations and download the iOS 9.1 update today! :D
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