The 6 Reasons You Shouldn't Miss the iOS 9.1 Update

It's been a month since iOS 9 came to our iPhones this September, and many expressed their excitement about the new features which made user experience more fun. Better Siri, News app and a low power mode were some of the prominent features that made the iOS 9 an instant hit.


Now before you want to all in and put your phone on charging, connect to a wifi network and download this update right now, let's look briefly at the useful features covered in this update. Well I did it today and the first thing it said after updating the OS was, Hello!!

1. New emoji

The best and the most anticipated part of the iOS 9.1 is the addition of the middle finger, taco and the unicorn emoji. Gosh, I feel so light and happy. Inner peace as experienced by Master Shifu.
But mind you, these emojis are only for iPhone, not for other OS. A lot of my friends said they got blank messages when I sent them these fundo emojis. Too bad..(Wicked Cool)


2. Live Photos fix

No need to keep recording anymore, the Live Photos feature will allow us to sense more intuitively as we raise and lower our iPhone.


3. Contact Photos in text messages

Bubbles appear next to contacts in the Messages. While many liked this, you can disable this feature too.


4. Calendar app fix

You might have noticed the Calendar getting stuck and then crashing when you wanted to toggle between a few months in the app. No more of this.


5. Mail app fix

Well this is one such issue which I faced a lot. Seeing the incorrect number of unread mails, or unable to find mails when searched for was pain in the head. Really annoyed me! No more of this either.


6. Increased compatibility

Increased compatibility with iPad Pro and Apple TV is a new addition as both these devices will be available now. Hence they are covered in this update for providing seamless hardware connectivity.


Don't forget to backup your iPhone before getting onboard the iOS 9.1. You don't want to miss the taco emoji. Hurry and don't waste much time, rush to your nearest wifi locations and download the iOS 9.1 update today! :D
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