The 7 Must know facts about Mobile App Security

All you ever wanted was that shiny new metallic space grey shade or that new titanium coated shell with that ultra cool and the ability to capture in low light. Oh c'mon how can you not want that, right? And now you have it finally, after months of crunching and saving your money, its time to unleash that gadget and load it with all the latest apps. No flappy bird please! But would you like to try our monthly special as well that will blow your mind away? Want some of advice on app security as well?


Now it's important to emphasize why we need security for our mobile phones as well. As we almost complete 2015; the year in which about 80% of the world population is about to go mobile, it becomes crucial that we push more for security.
Shopping, bank transactions, ticket booking, navigation or online search have become so easy that around 50% of these tasks we engage in on a daily basis have come to the mobile platform. And with these tasks comes a heavy risk of safe guarding our personal information stored by mobile companies.
It becomes ever so important to be aware and to be active on our part. So let's keep the chatter to a minimum and discover some of the secrets to keep you all more secure. Read on for the 7 facts about Mobile App Security which every user must know before exposing personal information in our mobile apps.

1. Say yes to Passcode

Believe it or not, users who do not keep a passcode become a soft target for mobile hackers. And this number is not less, nearly 45% of us avoid keeping passcodes. Create a passcode as soon as you get a new phone. A word of advice, keep a passcode containing more than six characters! More the characters, more the complexity and more difficult it becomes to crack the code.


2. Mobile Payments

It is wise to use only secure and trusted online sources while making payments through mobile apps. The latest concept of wallets, pockets is very radical and has eased off the pressure of carrying money all the time but make sure you select the verified ones only.


3. Use only genuine app stores

Playstore and App Store are the most widely used stores for Android, iOS apps. All the developers publish their apps in these stores, no point going for other stores.


4. Don't use open wireless networks

Worried about unable to send whatsapp messages to your friends, or can't read those important mails. Well don't go overboard and start searching for unsecured wireless networks. Hackers take undue advantage of such open connections by tracking the device's MAC address.


5. Disable device location

Experts will also corroborate to this that disabling your device location can make you untraceable. Hence disable your device's wifi when not in use.


6. Stop using local hacks

Avoid iOS jail breaks and custom Rom's for Android. This disrupts all app authentication certiificates and exposes our phones to greater risks.


7. Giving access to apps

We often see that apps want access to contacts, photos, calenders. It usually means that it can access all our information and copy it as and when required. So the next time you download an app, make sure you read all the information it's trying to access.


Start making these little conscious decisions and see the difference. Focus only on necessary and important apps. And remember to read the offer documents carefully before investing. Ring a bell!

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