The Bruce's New Year Log You Wished Were True


We all hope to have an open dialogue with someone about the thing we really don't want to with everyone. How so ever dark and deep, but nobody fights as hard as the Batman does with loneliness. The Lone Warrior. The Dark Knight. The Bruce's New Year Log You Wished Were True, is one such open tale at the brink of new year. Read on a small portion of dialogue between Alfred and you know who ;)

"Alfred, it's time to run the Clean Slate Program!"

"Sir, this will make everything happened last year, inadmissible. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, that's exactly what we need, just do it!"

"Alright sir, as you say so, ..

Initiating sequence...program executed sir. The counter is at 0 now."

"Thank you Alfred, now all I need is to use the MIB's Neuralyzer to put things back to square one and no one will remember the ordeals they caused."

"Very good sir, shall I prime the core of your Batmobile? You may need it!"

"No Alfred, I already have the device. All I had to do was ask them nicely.

It's really important that we lose the memories as well as the misdeeds and move forward together towards a hopeful new year. Once I fire the Neuralyzer, once it is done, only then we shall move to a true new beginning."

"I really hope your desire echoes with the people all over the world sir"

"Once they read this, I'm sure it will"

"Good luck sir"

"Thanks Alfred, you too"

"Sir, there is one more thing before you set out!"

"What is it Alfred?"

"It's high time you realized you're a man, not an island. And a man's strength comes not from just brawn and intelligence...but also from his allies."

"You are right Alfred, I do need you. Still haven't given up on me?"

"Never and never will"

"I hope I live upto the expectations."

"Now is not the time for doubt sir. Leave out fear, despair over yourself and rise from the darkness, the people need you"

"No, they need us!"

"Good luck sir, hope you get in time for breakfast!"

"I'll bring a friend along too"

"Charming sir"

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Note: Purely fictional
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