Being Productive or Being Realistic

Working long hours to meet that the ever important project deadline. While you're working in a stretch and believing you're getting the work done, its important to keep a check on if we are really being productive. So the next time you are going to put your methods to use, you might want to try these too as well.


Being Penny wise or Pound foolish?
Being smart or being fast?
Now that's a million dollar question we all want an answer to in times of crisis.
But we really don't get that much time to make those snap decisions.
Just like a coach pushes his Quarterback to make that snap in those last few seconds of the game, to churn out every microsecond of gameplay, try and remind yourself of these things. Sometimes the best idea can become the worst. Try them!!

Let's Begin.

Lesson 1. "Coming early and going early"

Now just because you landed at 6 in the morning at the office doesn't really entitle you to leave at 2 in the afternoon. Oh! I forgot, if you are incharge, maybe you would. But if you're not then this usually doesn't work this way.

Lesson 2. "I'll just check my email"

If you're smart enough, you know what I mean. I'll just check my email give me a second. Hullo??!? We all know that doesn't happen. You will login (if not using a email client), it'll open up, you will peruse through. Not to mention if you have to send one, you have to articulate your thoughts plus depending upon whom you're sending it to. I like to review my mail too before I send. Setting some limited time slots for checking emails can be helpful here.

Lesson 3. "Keep space for backup"

Assuming you hit the bar very often and always ask your friends for just one drink. And there will always be the one who will ask for one more. Remember, there is no such thing as "just one drink". Always have a backup for everything, your presentation, your files, anything important that you won't have to search all over again on your laptop. Two is one and One is none.Words to live by.

Lesson 4. "We follow a very open to all philosophy"

Rely on your gut feeling the next time you hear this, things that you say to your boss are generally not forgotton. Avoid approaching direct, interact with a conversation and put things more well suited. Nobody likes to open a chat with, "Hey, I don't like this." If your opening with an interjection, my friend you've already missed the tipping point.

Lesson 5. "The unkempt, the misc label we all have"

Do you know how many files I have under "Misc" label? Almost touching 500. How many have I got back to? 10, maybe. Avoid pushing it to the Misc or Favorites tag, and apply the Do it now technique. Trust me, saves a lot of human effort for the last. Try avoiding the Bookmark tag, and focus on it now. But if you can't really read it now, don't forget, Bookmark, Favorites and Misc were invented for their exact purpose.

Lesson 6. "Skipping meals so that we can head home early."

When I don't eat, I usually can't think straight and get all aggitated. Leave alone skip my meal for work. So I prefer not to. I think you should avoid this too. Don't skip lunch, even its time crunch! Have a zip meal, remember the ultimate aim is to create a balance between your activites, if one doesn't how can the other exist. Remember Simon Masrani's asking Henry Wu in the recent Jurassic World, Who authorized you to do this?" So the next time, you think of doing this, imagine me asking this. When it's lunch, eat my friend. Prioritise.

Start making these little conscious decisions and see the difference.

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